Alexander The Great And His Religious Belief

Alexander The Great And His Religious Belief

Alexander the Great is known throughout Greek history as a leader who believed himself to be a god. It is recorded that Alexander was told by his mother, how she gave birth to him by the power of Zeus. By this, Alexander the Great was made to believe he was a god. Although this was what Alexander believed, the Greek leader was a religious man who observed all Greek worship traditions. Alexander acknowledged Zeus as the supreme-god of all humankind on earth. It was shown in other expeditions and during war where Alexander would make offerings to the gods before or after a battle.

Alexander's respect for religion and beliefs

Alexander’s respect for religion and beliefs extended to other places, like the time that he made offerings to Egyptian gods. Alexander did it but in mind still acknowledged Zeus as supreme over all territories which were conquered. A number of people are delusional enough to believe they are gods, but in the case of Alexander, occurrences while Olympias was giving birth made the mother believe that Alexander was Zeus’ son.

Alexander The Great And His Religious Belief

Religiously, Alexander the Great was not Islamic but a Greek mythology believer who followed it strictly, especially during battles. Alexander could not start a mission without visiting an oracle to hear what the gods had to say about his journey.

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