Bible confirm that earth is round.

Bible confirm that earth is round

The Holy Bible is the most adored book for Christians all over the world, and they believe that whatever is reported in the book is accurate and right and besides that book there is no other such as that. Christians say that without the Holy Bible confirming something, then that thing might not be true but false. But we realize that the Bible is not the only book present in this world, there is other religious books such as the Holy Quran and the holy books of several other religions which teaches and spread knowledge as well.

In our schools there are books

In our schools there are books that contain more sensible information and books such as the sciences, namely, chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and geography. There are other books like the humanities, among them are the English language, social studies, history, government and many more. Knowledge is still found in the arts industry and that is so useful too, you realize facts and information is not found in one particular book.

Bible confirm that earth is round

Since the Holy Bible does not teach us subjects like biology, chemistry, history and still counting you to depend on some other files for information. We cannot afford to be ignorant about certain things that happens in nature, you to follow some documents to assist you perform certain things in life. The Book of Genesis as recorded in the Holy scripture tells us that the earth or the land is found in one place. And the waters are also collected at one place too, and naturally this can only happen if something is a sphere or round. The bible verse that has just been cited in the last sentence is found in the book of Genesis chapter 1 and the verse 9. It is found in most of the scriptures in the Bible and reverend ministers of the gospel make research on them and come out with deep revelations about the round nature of the world.

Long ago scientist have discovered and come tell that the earth is round before Christians came, quoting scripture upon scripture to back that up and that is a greater truth. Men had come to the realization of the earth being round and spherical for several centuries before Bible believers come confirm that story. However, some Christians teach some messages that appear to be different from what was earlier discovered. It is a known fact some times that to interpret the Holy Bible is not an easy task. And some times you will to depend on the Holy Spirit the scripture to you before the congregants can benefit from that sermon you preach.

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Aabid Abdella