Bible Study: Can You Finish Reading The Whole Bible

Bible Study: Can You Finish Reading The Whole Bible

Since ancient times, man has held a belief that there is a supreme being in the larger scheme of things which has to be in charge of the order and chaos of life. This has led to the creation of numerous faiths that are practiced all around the globe. Religion and culture work together perfectly and it will be quite hard to see any culture of any civilization that has existed without a defined religion. As mentioned earlier numerous beliefs are practiced. Many of this has faded with the sands of time. Still, several religions survived through the years and are being actively practiced

Christianity is one of the most

Christianity is one of the most popular and practiced religions, having more than 2 billion faithful followers worldwide. The religion was around for thousands of years and it actively played a significant role in the history of several countries. One that is worthy of a mention is the United Kingdom (UK). Like most religions, this faith system also has a holy book whose contents include; stories, words of wisdom, instruction, advice, and so on. This holy book is generally referred to as the Holy Bible and it is one of the most owned books all around the earth.

The Bible has a total of

The Bible has a total of 66 chapters that are divided into two unequal parts. An account of the happenings before the birth of Jesus Christ is called the Old Testament which has 39 chapters in total. The New Testament holds the record of some details before the birth of Christ, the story and death of Christ, and the happenings after the death of Jesus. Even with the long stretch of detailed coverage that still held an account of what the end of the world will look like, there are only 27 chapters in the new testament. Testament is interpreted as covenants, so the two parts of the Bible will be read as the old covenant and the new covenant. This summarized the major events that happened in the two parts of the book. The Old refers to the covenant God made with Abraham while the New highlights the covenant made as the son of God dies on the cross.

Bible Study: Can You Finish Reading The Whole Bible

Although the Bible was believed to have been written from the inspiration of God himself, there are a total of 40 different spiritually inspired authors that wrote scripts that were combined to form the whole Bible. These writers were not writers as per trade they had different occupations from kings, to shepherds, to even a tax collector, and it is quite amazing how in unison of ideologies they wrote. Most of the books in the Old were written by different authors and there are quite many chapters that were named after their authors. The man with the most written chapters in the Old is Moses; who wrote the first five books of the Holy book. Conversely, the New was different, it has several authors writing multiple parts of the book. The man with the highest number of entries is Paul the Apostle, who authored 14 out of the 27 total books of this part of the Bible.

An exact time when the Bible was penned and compiled can’t be ascertained, yet, it was written between 1450 BC; which was around when Moses lived to about 100 AD which was after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible was written in three different languages, they include; the Hebrew, the Koine Greek, and Aramaic. It was first translated to English by John Wycliffe in the year 1382 AD. As of now, this book has been translated into 2018 languages; this is the highest for any book, with the nearest only being at a measly number of 50. The Bible yet holds the world record for being the best-selling book that ever existed.

On a logical note, the Bible is not a hefty book to read, with an average of 1200 pages, tons of novels beat its page number. However, unlike most books that are read for pleasure, the Bible is a spiritual book and is not to be read with its face value. Even some clerics believe for you to discern, that is, understand the Bible, you must have the Holy Spirit in you, which is obtained when you believe in Jesus Christ. Some parts of the bible are a joy to read, while some might prove hard to comprehend. Still, the Bible can be easily read completely by almost anyone.

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