Christian Crusades And Islamic Jihad

Christian Crusades And Islamic Jihad

The crusades and Muslim Jihad do have several similarities, especially their aim. Both are a war to push or spread the belief of that religion to other parts of the world. Jihad, however, includes the internal struggles of Muslims to maintain their faith in Islamic beliefs. The crusades had a specific mission, to prove a religious point. They were a religious movement for the advancement of religious beliefs.

Jihad is a special war that

Jihad is a special war that can only occur under certain conditions and at most, according to Allah’s will. Muslims are not allowed to wage war to prove political power or forcefully colonize a nation. Conversion of people into Islam should be at their will without being forced in any manner. Their enemy must be the one to first initiate the war, that’s when Muslims can respond to defend themselves. And if that enemy asks for peace, war should be brought to an end at that moment.

Christian Crusades And Islamic Jihad

Christians wanted to regain control of Jerusalem from Muslims, while the pope had an aim of being the top Christian leader. With these influences, multiple crusades were sanctioned in medieval times, but they did not succeed in regaining control of Jerusalem. Jihad has some similarities with Christian crusades.

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Aabid Abdella