Do people still read the bible

Bible is a book of the Christians, and they believe the stories in it for spiritual purposes and the accomplishment of greater task in this life as they read the bible and meditate. The stories in the Bible teaches moral lessons in life and much exemplary to follow and learn from. Pastors recommend that the Bible should be read and meditated daily and this will spiritually empower you and draw you near God’s presence. There are stories in the Bible that you have to study and not literally take them as they appear in the Bible, they have to be read in a context and interpret accordingly. Christianity is a religion of people they called people of the book in the Islamic circles since that came before Islam. Christ asks those he left behind to follow his steps and teach the world about his message of redemption and use water to purify them which is called baptism.

Jesus told the persons who love

Jesus told the persons who love him to continue to spread his news to the four geographic locations of the earth and assist them to become closer to God. This work cannot be achieved if you are not devoted to the Bible and meditating on it several days a week. Reading the Bible is what every believer of the Christian faith must focus on to understand it and go around and teach the gospel presented by Jesus. It is not possible for you to believe in Christ without somebody teaching you the Bible and living an exemplary life too. Taking the Bible and going through that you will be amazed about the progress that you will achieve in terms of understanding the stories kept in them. Despite the benefits of reading the Bible, there are some who don’t want to read that and without that you cannot grow.

Thankfully, some good number of guys

Thankfully, some good number of guys still read the bible and the impact that have on their lives is mind-blowing. There are many approaches you can use to read the Bible from one page of the Bible to the final page of the Bible, that is, cover to cover reading of the scripture. Some churches group themselves on Sundays to read the scripture and share whatever all of them have learnt in the text read to them. This is achieved when head Pastor puts them into groups of appropriate size, and they discuss the Bible like in group studies. At individual level, family members study the bible every day when they have gotten up from their sleep and pray adding to that before they can perform household chores for that day. Some people divide the entire Bible among the number of days that are in a year and by the close of the year the whole Bible is read.

Do people still read the bible

Reading the Bible has several advantages and reading that will not put you to shame but assist you in your walk in life. One benefit of reading the Bible is that you are spiritually empowered to and you can work against the plans of Satan that does not conform with your life. Again, the knowledge obtain from studying the Bible daily prevents you from indulging in immoral of society and other social vices. More so, studying the Bible gives you the history of mankind especially the Jewish people and your appreciation of that helps you to appreciate your life. People studying the Bible learn much from the English language especially sects whose mother tongue is not that language. The individuals using the bibles written in English stand too much since the Bible itself is a teacher in the English language.

More protestant church members often carry their scripture to church, these makes them to follow their man of God when he is teaching in the church by following the Bible chapters and verses. However, Roman Catholic Church members, though that is the first church in history doesn’t usually practice that principle, even if they do then that was in the past. In the Roman Catholic gathering we know now only follow the priest to do the Sunday mass service then they listen and dismiss.

Though some individuals still read the Bible especially the protestant gatherings or circles, many men has gone cold and does not want to read that. Some Roman Catholics don’t take that as part of their Christian journey but only hear from the priest. Lukewarm guys from the protestant side also have problem studying the Bible, and they treat that just like the Roman Catholics do.

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Aabid Abdella