Does Islam Support Believe in Reincarnation?

Does Islam Support Believe in Reincarnation?

Reincarnation means migration of a soul or soul from one body to another, where such an entity becomes happy or miserable as a result of actions in their previous lives. Some religions believe that souls reincarnate to fulfill duties which they didn’t finish in their previous lifetimes while others believe that reincarnation is caused when a soul is tied to a purpose or a soulmate.

In Islam, this phenomenon is regarded

In Islam, this phenomenon is regarded as a false belief, an act of Kufr in Almighty Allah. It also goes against the teachings of holy books, Allah’s messengers and the day of resurrection. In Islam, the belief is that after death comes tests in the grave. After bodies are laid to earth, angels Munkar and Nakir appear to souls to test them, if such a person lived his or her life as a believer, the questioning will be easier. The result of this questioning determines how comfortable such souls will stay in their graves, if pleasure or punishment will begin there-on.

Does Islam Support Believe in Reincarnation?

Muslims believe in life after death as this is one of islam’s six articles of faith. After death, souls are said to endure or enjoy their stay in their graves until the great day of resurrection when every soul will be judged to either go to heaven or hell. As said in Suratul Maryam 19:94-95, of the holy Quran which said everybody shall go to Allah on the Day of Judgement with no aid or protection.

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