Review of Exodus 35 verse 1

Exodus 35 verse 1

On this verse you will find that it talks about it is expected to be done on Sabbath day. This is the day that all Christians need to obey the law that says that every person should not do any work as this is what is said in the Exodus. The Sabbath should be obeyed as this is a holy day when all are supposed to go to the church to have them giving thanks to the almighty for the far they have been brought. You will find that there are others who always work on this day, but they are supposed to be in their respective religions.

The Exodus  says  that

The Exodus says that you should not do anything maybe if you are trying to save somebody’s life that when you can do work. Then it says if this is not about saving life then you should not do anything this is holy. Any person who may go against this the Exodus says that they are supposed to die. On this verse of Exodus 35 verse 1 then with Christians should follow what the bible says as this is what is supposed to be followed. It is good to read the Exodus to know what we as Christians are expected to do, on this verse of the Exodus this true to tell all what they are to do to observe the Sabbath. Going to church is much more important to thanks the almighty for all what he has done in our lives.

 Exodus 35 verse 1

You will find that this verse on Exodus 35 verses 1 it is about teaching all that giving God a chance in our lives is good. With the bible verse, that is in exodus 35 verse 1 you can relate with other instances on the bible where God would condemn those who were working during the Sabbath. This is the time you are supposed to have time with God as in all we do we just need to spare time for our Lord. It is after the whole week of working then on the 6th day then have time with your families, friends or any other person. You can even decide to visit the poor give them what you can, and you will be blessed in return.

The verse teaches us that despite being busy it is always good to have time with God. He is the only who knows our tomorrow, and still he knows what we are passing through. Therefore, taking a minute to thank him will cost us nothing this is all what the Exodus 35 verse 1 says. Exodus 35verse 1 tends to outline the commandment of the Lord this explains more of what is expected from us.

Therefore, when we see on this verse we see that Lord is not happy when he sees us doing what is said not to done. Many were those who are continuing sinning yet the bible says it is not good to do so. There are those even vomiting suicide yet the bible verse says this is not good to do.

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