How Nietzsche viewed Christianity

How Nietzsche viewed Christianity

Nietzsche did not directly document his thoughts towards Islam, but he kept mentioning them throughout the letter to his sister, published and unpublished work. He viewed Islam as a better religion Christianity which he criticized. This is evident when Nietzsche admired Hafiz, praised Islam as a Semitic religion, valued Muslim Spain therefore, believed in the affirmation of the character of Islam. Nietzsche characterized Islam as a Masculine religion, as it was firm. Muslims defended their faith as they believed it was Nietzsche described Christianity as religious femininity.

According to Nietzsche, Islam was a

According to Nietzsche, Islam was a religion which was not ashamed of many instincts such as the desire to govern other religions. Nietzsche associated himself with Islam and declared war on Rome, but peace with Islam. This showed Nietzsche’s solidarity with Islam. To him, Islam was a source of the free belief that could produce a culture of morals, unlike Christianity which was materialistic.

How Nietzsche viewed Christianity

At one time, Nietzsche criticized Islam along with other religions. Nietzsche viewed its founder Muhammad as a manipulator, cunning, and an imposter. Being the founder of Islam just like Plato, they were accused of using concepts such as God or eternal value to control the people. Nietzsche did not quote the Koran, Nietzsche relied mostly on an unreliable canon of orientals for information on Arab and Islamic culture.

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