Importance of writing and highlighting in the Bible

Importance of writing and highlighting in the Bible

When! You talk about the Bible it’s the holy book containing the scriptures that guide Christians in the path of righteousness. However, highlighting or writing in this holy book may be seen differently by different individuals. Some may see it as a sin and others may as well just be okay with it because, it’s not the book that’s holy it’s the message contained inside it. In a debatable discussion this piece will state reasons why it’s okay and also why it’s not okay to write in the Bible. This is of course based on opinion of Christians who read, understand or even teach about the Bible. To the ones okay with writing/highlighting the Bible they feel it helps in a number of ways such as writing notes help you understand better. And provide you with navigation keys to know where major pointers are.

It's one thing to see what's

It’s one thing to see what’s there and another to read and marking or circling hepls you see. For example, if you are reading a whole paragraph marking the repetitive points help you single out the points that need to be given more attention. Even making your cross-references this can help a lot in identifying what to take in and what to leave out. Once you’ve seen your target verse then it becomes much easier for you to think and dig deeper because, writing inside it gives you a landmark. And as you move on through the book you see the connection its has with other chapters or verses assisting you in processing the information. Therefore, highlights also make processing of target information much simpler due to ease in navigation. Seeing in short, leads to meditating, pondering and processing.

There is a sharp memory that

There is a sharp memory that awakens in your head when you take notes and pointers by circling or underlining. According to study, doing so, as well as jotting comments store a nano-bit of information in the brain for later use. Thereby, jotting helps you remember much of the holy book and engages more of the mental capacity. You may some times come across a verse or chapter that rocked your heart but you couldn’t find it later when you look for it. But, this may not always be the case when you underline and take note. For example, Proverbs 16 is full of God’s sovereign goodness so you underline all the sovereign flexes and write “sov” on the margin. This will make it easier for you to find what you found earlier rather than read the book chapter after chapter trying to find it.

Importance of writing and highlighting in the Bible

It helps you in making your cross-references to other verses or chapters of the Bible and see the relationship. Publishers, are generous enough to offer their preferable cross-references, but a homemade one is just as good some may even say better. They are better to an individual because the handwrote it themselves giving them a tighter knot. Your handwritten relationship will improve your retrieval of verses and increase your knowledge of the connection between the chapters from Genesis to Revelation. Most importantly this will help you in worshiping God with all your heart and mind because, when you circle words, you see what’s beneath it. You see the under the covering of the biblical theology and if this doesn’t move you to worship God then, only you know what can. If you write notes on the Bible, provided you do not change the meaning or words which is condemned by the Bible there’s nothing wrong.

In any case, the message contained in the Bible is the one that’s holy and not the book itself. This may not be agreed upon by other Bible readers, and and they condemn it and calling it a sin. To them, sounds like defacing the holy word of God and the book should be left unmarked. Reasons may differ with different people but seeing as the meaning or words haven’t been changed the message remains the same. As long as you get to know the Goldy ways a Christian should follow there is no big deal and besides, there is no written rule against doing so. You may of course feel wired since we treat the book with respect but only the message is most significant and not the paper it’s written on.

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Aabid Abdella