Islam and her dictates on sleep

Islam and her dictates on sleep

Islam is a wonderful religion that explains every incident of life and her dictates help to understand the impact of sleep. Prophet Mohammed explained and lived out the best way to sleep. Following the suggestions will enhance your sleep quality to live better. Human beings are meant to sleep for seven hours daily for normal functioning. Obeying to follow required sleep hour time will improve cognitive functions and maintain good health status.

Some times, worries may keep you

Some times, worries may keep you awake from sleeping or wake people up from your sleep. Therefore, Islam advised that it is good to do ablution before going to bed. This is logical because you will use that opportunity to transfer your burden to God. A faithful Muslim sleeps soundly when he trusts that God is almighty. Importantly, you should not sleep before last evening prayer, you should not do anything else apart from sleep after prayer.

Islam and her dictates on sleep

To sleep soundly, Islam believes that the bed should be clean. Wearing tight clothes to sleep is dangerous for it may obstruct your breathing facilities and blood flow movement. It is best to sleep in left lateral decubitus for the organs to be relieved. Prophet Mohammed slept in this position to help his heart. It allows normal blood flow across the whole body. Before lying down to sleep, make sure that there is no light in your bedroom.

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Aabid Abdella