Islamic Narrative of Judgement Day

Islamic Narrative of Judgement Day

Almost every religion today believes in a day that their God would come to judge the deeds of every human both dead and alive. Islam is no different as Muslims believe Allah will some day come at a time not known, this narrative is called Islamic eschatology. It believes in free will actions, this means that everyone can do what pleases them either good or bad.

Islam believes that at the end

Islam believes that at the end of time, Muslims and non-Muslims would account for everything they have done while on earth. Islamist’s also believe that life is a preparatory ground for the afterlife. Before the day Allah would come there are going to be signs of his return of which are earthquakes, increased sexual immorality, signs in the sun, stars, movement of mountains, increased corruption, terrorism, cheating, lack of reverence for God and others.

Islamic Narrative of Judgement Day

On the day of judgement, there would be a trumpet sounded by Israfil. The dead will rise and every human who has had breath will account for his work on earth. On that day a scale which measures every good, bad deed of each individual would be used. Those whom their good works out scale bad works would have a pleasant afterlife while those whom their bad deeds out scale good deeds would spend eternity in pain at the abyss. Nothing would be hidden on that day called Yawm ad-Din, as everyone’s Book Of Deeds would be read aloud.

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Aabid Abdella