Islamic View of Christianity

Islamic View of Christianity

Certain beliefs are common to both Christian and Islamic faiths. These beliefs make both religion see similarities between themselves, therefore making it easy for them to relate. Even though few people of the opposite faith don’t want friendship between themselves, but that is because of their limited understanding of relationship. Both religions have certain goals in common, with good examples to emulate. Their operational standards are similar in teachings, beliefs, relationships, etc. Releasing of the moral words by clerics of both faith to encourage their listeners live right, there is absolutely no difference because at that point they stand for the same course.

Islamic perspective of Christianity is clear

Islamic perspective of Christianity is clear because the painted picture of Christianity in Qur’an is straight. Islam sees Christianity as a sister religion, believing in almost everything that Christianity represents, except that Jesus is a son of God, and others. Islamic clerics also use the Bible for their teachings by referring to Bible texts that relate to their lectures.

Islamic View of Christianity

The Islamic religion believes in Old Testament’s people like Abraham, Moses, Joseph, etc. They believe also in Jesus, but not as the Messiah! Islam has Arabic names for all these people, with many similar stories as contained in both scriptures, that is the Qur’an and the Bible. Abraham who is called Ibrahim in the Qur’an was the father of Ismael, who is the origin of Islam. In all, Christianity to a knowledgeable Muslim is same religion, as such seeing no serious difference between them.

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Aabid Abdella