Muslims And The Crusade Era

Muslims And The Crusade Era

War is a period of fierce enmity between two groups or countries. The experience of violence is really horrible, not to mention the sad feelings associated with telling stories of dear friends and relatives who lost their lives in the circumstances. Primarily, war is established when two opposite parties strongly disagree on a subject or idea. For these two parties to engage in a battle, the subject of disagreement must be of great interest to them as none will be willing to accept the terms of the other. Violence has no respect for anyone be it a man, woman, youth, teenager or child.

The Crusaders Era was a period

The Crusaders Era was a period of strong disagreement between the Crusaders and Muslims. The Crusaders were regarded as Christians while Muslims were devoted to their own religion. Crusaders being more populated in the area than Muslims tried to influence their religious beliefs forcefully. Muslims rejected this colonization which resulted in a holy battle between them and with Crusaders. Sadly, so many Muslims lost their lives during the religious battle including women and children.

Muslims And The Crusade Era

Memories of the Crusade Era remind every Muslim of a time of pain, grief, rejection, helplessness, etc. Despite the fact that this incident has long taken place; present Muslim generation still remembers the death of their heroes.

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Aabid Abdella