Al Quran

Review verse 2 Chronicles 30.26 There was great

Not taking real action on our problems and opting For self help instead of Bible is a bad idea. Bible is a way to feel like we’re working on our lives. Self-help has become a convenient outlet let’s not like how things is make us feel better Temporarily Does it change the situation No, not at all.

To Do Then Use God's help

To Do Then Use God’s help Constructively There is a lot of great knowledge in God As a trainer our self many of our community. Being completely changed their lives after taking paths A large part of this is because we are ready to learn and take action. All continue to upgrade our self and read new things every day. We all by our self To be more informative one curious. Getting a good life in the hard time is that we should Make sure we are not in the self help for passing times. To get motivational highs, or for a magic bullet solution That would be self-defeating turning out Let’s borrow a bunch of prayers from God on the art of positive thinking.

Al Quran

Engaging Only as It Has Value As in How to Say guide our time is valuable. Engage in something only if has value For each self-prayers or course, ask our self these Is relevant to us. Something I need to know now and there something new for us to learn. The best potentially out weight the costs If our answer is yes to all then one should go ahead with. What we plan for our life.

Let’s only attend one self prayer’s before and have never been to an actual helping prayers. Save for Never Work Again which was more a pitch fast than a real content From these we learn enough concepts to last me a long time in Christ and spiritual life as well. Feel that the other self out there are full of value, just that there’s no reason for us to check them out. Yet have also found that much of prayers in the mainstream culture covers the same important principles, and once we’ve seen one or two, we’ve seen it all. Unless it’s in a different category Positive Thinking Productivity etc if so it’s usually one or two new ideas integrated with the same core principles.

What we should do is a lot of self-reflection personal experimentation, and action taking Let’s extract our best lessons and share them at Personal Excellence with all of our family And the cycle continues only relax when one have to and when we do it’s a very fast process we look for what we need extract our lessons, and then take action. Only relax a handful of mainstream and Bible and feel good about ourselves instead of taking action on the problem Unhappy with a negative life Let’s focus on the importance of appreciation and happiness, and the fact that the biggest way to be happy is to solve the problem the career and in God as we are all being all good and receive blessings.

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Aabid Abdella