Al Quran

Review verse Acts 27.4 From there we put

No being honesty is a fast track route to sin and heartbreak. Always to tell the truth to our self and to others and have to assess our life and our priorities openly and straight forward We Focus on Ourselves Instead of Others. We live in a very centered things So many of us are only concerned about ourselves. What we want, what we like, what we can buy, how we can get ahead, how much money we should and can make, where can go, what we eat and so on.

However, when we focus on ourselves only we miss out on greater joys and blessings. Involvement with ones self all of the time can only confuse our life. Learn to reach out Give Serve Love Whether we’re an introvert or a people person we can’t survive without almighty God. We were created at our cores to be social beings or social animals if we prefer.

Choose to believe the truth in

The happiest people in have meaningful honest, and deep relationships Not that didn’t to be close friends with everybody we meet. How there are people in our life who know we, we know them, and will have a deep sense of connection and all that. These are the taints we need to spend time on love and nurture.

Choose to believe the truth in Christ and reject lies it makes life hard. If we truly love ourselves, we will tell ourselves the truth. Loving the others we will tell them the truth Not only do we speak the truth, but we must be truthful in our actions and our attitudes. What use is the past to you if not only to learn from it We do things we shouldn’t, we don’t do things we should, and we do things we wish we hadn’t. It’s an unfortunate part of the process of growing up we could change anything about the past, we wouldn’t be who we are today. So embrace our failures and mistakes learn from them, laugh about them and keep moving forward.

Al Quran

We’ve got the growing up part, but we don’t have the moving on part. This is what we need to get a hold of. The past is the past learn from it, leave it and move on. some of the things we do are the decisions we do have all in connection and do over the times let’s serve God.

Holding on to bitterness and of hate and anger only makes situations worse. We are actively hurting our own well being and mindset When we’re around those we really care about and who really care about us, we experience an emotional high that involves honesty that is strong and abiding only in God we should be serving.

When we release these temptation from our life and intentionally forgive our self and those who’ve hurt us. Even if they don’t ask for it appreciate it, or deserve it. These feelings are as real to us throughout our life as we allow them to be. So let them go for our own sake.

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Aabid Abdella