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Review verse Genesis 24.13 See, I am standi

There are many ways to live a prayerful life the easiest requires nothing but changing what we focus on when we wake up in the morning thank almighty God. We are not sure at what point during this we always pray at anytime. But among others such as faith also saves us too

The day is always a little better when we aim a little lower then rise slowly in God’s work. Let us not just look out the window and stare, most of us often never pay no attention to what God really brought us here for and we get distracted during these times. All should notice how strong and prayerful others are in God. We should look for the lowest possible hanging salvation because smaller things that we appreciate, like having the ability to pray even if it was only a short while.

When we are being in the

For anyone experiencing hardships whether it’s an illness, losing a job, a broken relationship, or losing a loved one, fear is often the ruling emotion. It’s also the most destructive to the mind and body.

When we are being in the state of prayers, it disrupts the fear pattern in our minds. A simple prayers prompt such as What brings us joy in Christ at certain moment. Temptations should not prevent us from playing our part in serving almighty God. but we will feel much better after our daily prayers, so we should keep our faith in God. When we feel better physically and spiritually then we may live a good life with Almighty. Spiritually we all are at the mercy of almighty father And most significant is the fact that whether we are the true Christians we believe we are really.

Al Quran

Living a Sinful life always have a damaging impact on the body and soul it erodes the soul and causes spiritually problems. Each day we should do what brings us joy in our hearts, what brings peace, what makes us smile, and what makes us see differently in spiritual life. Avoid what prevents us from regulating our spiritually life with God which might leaves us vulnerable to acute emotions and possibly sinful life.

I started to see beyond the physical wellness I became hopeful in Christ My outlook started to change, in that I started to visualize myself healthy and physically fit. I imagine going on hikes up a mountain and seeing magnificent views at the top

In life there is resistance at first And from there, we start to look for opportunities to be thankful, for Jesus whether it was at the edge of failure up in our rooms, or when we actually don’t recognize anything because we had lost so much or when the normal that we knew was upended.

During moments of temptation, we should search deep and long for that tiny scrap of something, which keeps us down anything to drop our fearful anchor in. On the day I began my spiritual journey I asked myself, What is there to be thankful for in being simmer What followed was this There’s nothing to be grateful.

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Aabid Abdella