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Review verse Joel 2.8 They do not jostl

This will be the hardest decision ever for others has to make, to stay and truly submit to God or go. When we are in harmony and have invested our time in almighty, when we start to choose a different life, our life will be like a perfect game of winning a battle or war. In many cases, people make the best decisions when they are at their lowest. The only thing we will have to do is to make good choices for ourself. We should never feel guilty about removing ourselves from a situation that is harming us such as sin.

Some times we will feel anger It’s been hiding underneath that unconditional life we live for a while, and it will surface. It is completely natural to feel angry. We hear all these stories about addicts who quit for Jesus, who quit to save their relationship with Almighty God. Through all the pain we feel from the breakup there is not any part of us that must regret the decision we make for ourselves. All of our good experiences we already have in the lord should make is who we are, and I we will have learned to love God more than we ever have possible.

We will feel guilty and we

So how to heal and become the best version of our self. But this is not always the case though how many times we tell our family should be just readily to come when in reality with God’s words. Some of us are not just ready to face the reality that is needed to make a change. It will take them a long time before they will make the decision for themselves.

We will feel guilty and we will be tempted to go back in the most vulnerable stage of life. But we will have to understand that we are not responsible for what others do with their life. We are not doing anything for them by staying with them while they choose to do this to themselves.

Al Quran

Some will start by downplaying how bad the problem is. If we cover or lie to our heavenly father for the sin we commit, then there is a problem. Just because this doesn’t happen to us doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us. To a person looking from the outside into the one tempted it’s frustrating because it seems like such a simple solution that benefits both sides all they have to do is quit. But to someone that is in the tempted it’s so much more than that.

It’s as though we are blind, almighty is only one who can decide whether to let us see again. Quitting sinning is not a scary decision and it will be one of the easiest things we will ever do. The honest truth is it has nothing to do with us because we beg and plead to God, but it’s still up to us to get help to release ourselves from the temptations. We are just an unfortunate casualty isolated and for years just because we are embarrassed to admit how bad it had actually gotten.

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Aabid Abdella