Al Quran

Review verse Numbers 3.22 The number of al

We all know that There is a lesson in each experience let us Learn it and become very wise. Every failure is a strong uptake to succeed in life Many difficulty or down drag is a trial of our faith and Every thing which is going wrong is a test. In our strength we know and faith there fore is on us. We should do that for our family that may father give them to lead us during time of failure.

There at times we seem to misunderstands within us, academic and so much more so in short in life. We need to pray for our people so that we maybe delivered from evil. Let us March forward hero If a person is not inspiring us positively. There is no reason for us to be around them and don’t need their negativity in our life.

There’s already too much in the universe Surrounding us with people who are going to uplift us and encourage us to move forward with our dreams and goal. Plan for the future Hello child of God today, we may be working for the company or for an organization.

Always respect the humble beginning and

Okay and good, but it’s okay high time we respect our brain and use it to come up with something which can employ someone. in other words develop a resilience that will enable us become self employed, really the day they will suck us from that job. And have no other side job telling we will suffer the consequences of relying on others for employment if do not have God in hearts.

Always respect the humble beginning and put our self at task of coming up with something for ever imergined. How much we should be earning if we all can only come up with a product which can earn only. From each person a day then multiply it by days which are in the month. And how much do we think we should be earning , please let’s reserve our our self to our God and stay happy.

Al Quran

Whenever we get angry who will pressurise us for without putting any emphasis on how we should can become self reliance please better drop it and run away because evil will keep us in poverty which killed our fore fathers when they failed to raise defense against themselves for the terrible headache they were suffering from

Let us also see this, Really we child of God how is our private life with God. Do people around us see the Godily character in us or we just claim. Better repent and leave all that sin we all have been doing I know we will.

Being blessed To continue in doing good, almighty bless us always be willing to learn never close our heart to learning

Good morning Whenever we hold a grudge towards someone, we’re only hurting ourselves Because the other person could care less about the emotions we’re going through. Their main objective was to hurt others. Now we must let go, move on, and focus on our life and not continue to burden our spirit.

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Aabid Abdella