Al Quran

Review verse Psalm 74.6 They smashed all

We exercise our Senses Sight, hearing smell, taste and touch. Each provides a gateway to rewarding personal experiences, so we use them to truly make us understand what it means to be a living, breathing human beings in God. Let us Be of Opportunity some times knocks at unexpected times. Make sure we will have enough smooth and always in times or as well in our schedule to respond accordingly when God calls for us.

All of us be spontaneous and step outside of our comfort zone at any chance we are in with Christ Experience new things that we may have been afraid of always wanted to try for in our own personal satisfaction. The most activities tend to seem incredibly scary at first glance but in almighty we Use What we shall Have to accomplish. .

The sky is the limit to

What goes around comes around, no idea what type of fulfillment and security we will attain for our self after we help other people more and more. We Own Up to our Actions in this world. Let’s Judge our self based on how we act on our responsibilities and promises. Either we own up to our actions or our actions will ultimately own us. Always remember that us are in the drivers seat so keep our hands on the wheel and stop to Be Clear on our Goals

The sky is the limit to get there, our goals need to be made crystal and very very clear by believing in God Almighty with all of our heart and soul in heavenly father. We will never get where we want to go if we do not know what we want and don’t think we should have what it takes to get it with limitless resources.

Al Quran

Let us Try to achieve our goals without doing a little time planning sailing the open ocean without a compass and map. Sure it’s fun but at the end of the day we need to remember why we are out there in the first place.

Make a Decision Each time we wait to make a decision, we are wasting our time and an opportunity is passing us by. Stop being indecisive and start listening to your God in heaven. Decisions are how we learn about how to effectively build the life we should have always dreamed of in Christ. Success happens when we stretch the limits of the available resources in Heavenly father. Let us not focus on what we don’t have, focus on what we do have and how it can help us get the rest.

Be present The more we kind of the think and the less you talk, the more you will learn and the less we will miss. And when we do talk, make sure we do so with worth meaning in the lord. We are constantly worrying about other things is there but their mind is some where else. Be present in each and every moment, it will make us a much happier and inspired human being on earth.

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Aabid Abdella