Al Quran

Review verse Psalm 81.14 how quickly I wo

Let us know it is a huge of our time and our life We should throw bad things for once and for all. Few minutes a day Set aside at least minutes every day to work on a spiritual life that, when we get to achieve it, will bring about the biggest fulfillment and happiness in our life. Get out there and make new friends whether at our workplace with friends friends, or in social groups. Let’s try To Make New Friends and Cope Up Indoors Get a Life with Being people’s advisor from the future. Imagine we’re the future we from years later How would we advise our self or other people just as God loves us he advise us.

Ourselves out there we should go

Ourselves out there we should go for fellowship visit Set sail into the sea Go fellow shipping by our self and visit as many Churches as possible. We Get out there situation Stop sticking to routines and comfort zones. Try something different out there God loves us and He alone will be our guidance in our life. Be the absolute best in what we do Go for the first position in what we do in Christian life If we want to spend our time doing something, we might as well be the best in it.

Al Quran

Our future is very clear that we all are with God. Best is to be happy for our God in the future, now as long as we like Now and put in the lord our trust. Set an one from now, so we’ll know to open when it’s time. Starting from our time then process to our our home. When we throw unwanted stuff away, we make room for new things and new energy to enter our life Let’s keep learning and upgrading ourselves in Christ.

Equip our self with a huge depth of knowledge of Bible While we all can usually only reach level in real life we all can level up to infinity. Go for further bible studies if need be Develop our skills Level up Invest our life hours in each skill. Trying new things What is something we would normally not do Get out of our comfort zone to try something different. It can be something simple like taking a new bus route, trying a new picking up a new life, or something bigger so pull everything and start praying give thanks and praise to his name the lord of the earth, them we should all know there is plenty to get from almighty as He protects us, There are no limits in almighty God whatever is good of course.

There is good to learn from everything we see, hear and experience as Focusing on what we really can learn from it so that can apply the lessons moving forward. Keep developing Equip our self with a huge bread of knowledge. Make deeper connections Beyond making new friends, aim to make deeper connections to Have More Best Friends in Life and most importantly pray every day.

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Aabid Abdella