Some of the most misinterpreted Bible verses

Some of the most misinterpreted Bible verses

The Bible consists of many verses that have been wrongly used by both the believers and non-believers. It happens because people want to customize the meaning to suit them. One such verse is Jeremiah 29:11 which states that lord has plans for our success and not failure, plans for a bright future and hope. Christians usually misinterpret it to mean that God will provide immediate answers to their prayers when in need. It is not the case because these words were spoken by prophet Jeremiah to the Israelites when they were under slavery. God was promising prosperity to them while still in the enemy’s rule. He was going to help them settle there and make the land resourceful.

God was promising to help them

God was promising to help them live through the hard times and not get them out of the enemy’s as Christians think. Philippians 4:13 states that everything is possible through Christ who strengthens us. Literally, Christians use it to mean that they will win lottery tickets, close business contracts and other impossible tasks. The true meaning is that these were the words of apostle Paul when he was being prosecuted for preaching the resurrection of Jesus and was facing a death penalty. Instead of crying of his misfortunes, he was preaching to the young and believing that the Holy spirit was watching over him.

Some of the most misinterpreted Bible verses

Mathew 7:1 “judge not for you shall not be judged” is misused as believers discourage each other from judging. However, it is not the case as the Bible states that you should guide others to righteousness. It discourages hypocrisy among believers for they should perform with equal regard. The Bible encourages the society to live a life where we treat our brothers the same way we would love to be treated.

John 14:13 Jesus says that whatever you ask of him he will deliver for he is in his father. Christians think that everything they ask for will be automatically fulfilled when going through tough time. True meaning of these words from Jesus was that God was in him, and he was in God. He said this during the last supper because he knew he wouldn’t be around them again. It was a message to his disciples to pray to him and that he would listen and answer their prayers. Christians are being encouraged to be patient for God is going to answer their prayers. It is important for believers to find out the correct meanings of controversial sections of the Bible to avoid misusing them in their daily routines.

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Aabid Abdella