The Bible Verse eye For An Eye.

The Bible Verse eye For An Eye

The Holy Bible is a book that contains the mysteries of God and is read by Christians in their various places of worship, and they do this to please the creator of the universe. Christians all over the world worship God on Sunday and most of two on some other days apart from the Sunday given. People go to the temple of God to worship him and to adore him in prayer and with singing and thanksgiving. Pastors, priest and Reverend ministers of various gatherings teach their congregants how to worship and pray to God and be expectant. Morality is something which is well taught in the churches that we gather into and deviants are converted from the bad activities they were engaged into. Some times messages are tailored towards how to make here on earth, some call that the prosperity gospel, the gospel of money.

The Holy Bible teaches several things,

The Holy Bible teaches several things, so it is embodiment of many things and what it teaches are good to obey so you could be changed for the better. Many quotations in the Holy scriptures teaches about the eye for eye matter, and they have their various interpretations. One of the quotation is Saint Matthew’s gospel 5:38-39 you have heard that it was said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but Jesus say to you, do not resist the one who is evil one. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also, this was Jesus speaking to his disciples. Here Jesus was telling his followers that they should practice what the old folks were doing since they were still in the law era. Rather, he told them to turn the other side of their cheek and have them hit it again and that so profound. He was trying to let them know that there is no need slapping back your friend when they do slap, forgive them when they slap you.

Reading from the book of Exodus

Reading from the book of Exodus 21 : 24, gives this foot for foot, hand for hand, eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. This the Old Testament folks, they were dangerous people, and they were paying each other whenever you wrong them. The issue is, if you have stolen somebody’s goat he will pay you in return, if you kill someone’s cow he will kill your own too. That was how these Jews were doing to each other, they could not forgive you even a bit. Jesus was blaming the people for their heavy hearts for not yielding themselves to God and ask them to forget about that event since that was helpful to them.

The Bible Verse eye For An Eye

You must understand that the Jewish guys were hard people, even up till date they still exhibit such characteristics. Those instances were cited because they had encountered some disputes and that was used the basis of settling disputes among people, the judges were to use that as basis for ruling over their cases. You will be right to say that was a guiding principle for the leaders at the time and that was appropriate during the said period. Some might interpret what scripture wrongly by just applying what it said verbatim and that would be terrible. The scriptures must be Christians guiding principle and you have to scrutinize what you read carefully before tell your case. Significance of this chapter and verse is that judges must be impartial whenever you have a case in your court. In our world today we see people being treated with biased every day, the crime that you have committed does not much the punishment that will be meted out to you.

Studying and reading the Bible is central to the growth of a person, you should do that daily and if you have issues with revelations you can contact a church elder or pastor to assist. Interpreting the Bible literally is disheartening and affect you negatively if care is not taken, some guys can even kill themselves as a result. For instance, this eye for eye thing, somebody can just read that and applied that literally and that can cause chaos to humanity and society. Some teach that the Bible should not be interpreted personally as some do. Every scripture must be interpreted with others and no scripture is of private interpretation, so all scripture has got some standard interpretation which is final.

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