The difference between NIV and KJV

The difference between NIV and KJV

Modernization of NIV version of the King James Version KJV, they are two different parts on their own, it’s different terms. Both translations are aimed at easy, simple and understandable English which is easy to read. For more accessible text, translation is slightly accurate according to the word of God. The KJV was written in English, the early 17th century, and since then, English language has evolved so much that the KJV no longer serves its purpose. In the 21st century some problem arose which includes ancient phrases and vocabulary.

Another obvious example is outdated, but

Another obvious example is outdated, but originally is a personal pronoun in KJV. Since then, other words have changed their meaning and complicated their meaning. A quick and dying expression is a perfect example used in the Old Testament. Fast today means something that is quick but in the 17th century it was synonymous with life. NIV is simple, straightforward, but seeks to create a suitable version in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The KJV remains supreme as a tombstone in literature history in speaking countries. It is used for devotional reading, especially with notes to explain hard words, NIV is helpful for Bible study, as it has accurate translation of the main languages to original texts is understood when read out loud.

The difference between NIV and KJV

The word has stood the adversity of time which was written down, death has occurred in the book, persecuted in its creation, distribution. It was commissioned by the king of Scotland for subjects of realms, so that God’s words remain forever, to not be dependent upon a religious leader to know, understand God’s word. KJV Bible is responsible for countless souls being saved, endless revivals of a personal nature as well as city, state, in scope. The Christian was first called Christian in King James Bible also the Bible was free to copy, print, to distribute the word of God across the whole country. It has also been made to believe in churches as well as come together in unity to serve God.

KJV has instrumental for millions to give up lives to worship God’s ministry work. It has been up to those who love God so that he is worshiped. NIV is under copyright; therefore it is required to quote or reproduce a new version. One biggest distinction between NIV and KJV is that KJV is a “covenant version”, KJV has a covenant version in the New Testament that can only be assimilated in a context of a relationship with God.

The reading of the word in a literal form, which makes it inaccessible to many. This is true of the New Testament, which is limited to two books. If people lose the ability to pray to God, they cannot properly understand what’s going on in the word. The New International Verse changes scripture, just like the New Testament did, but has an obvious revisionist point of view that changes many of the KJV. Hitherto, words, the New Testament is not God’s word because the KJV was written over several centuries, and as such will not always be consistent.

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