The future for Islam

The future for Islam

The future of Islam looks quite bright; it is future of Muslims-by-birth that is worrisome. Islam is the only system of beliefs, among all religions, that makes rational, logical sense. In this age of science, rationality, that is the only religion that is going to survive and grow. As the people in West start thinking rationally of their beliefs they only have two choices: either to become atheists or to adopt Islam.

Currently people are becoming atheists in

Currently people are becoming atheists in large numbers because Islam is put in a bad light. Muslims are delinquent in their responsibilities of sharing true Islam with people. But if Muslims present true essence of Islam then educate the masses, both by presenting the Islamic beliefs in rational manner by excellence of our characters, the trend will turn to Islam. Similarly, when literacy with rationality grows in places like rural areas of India, China is the same process will take place there.

The future for Islam

Those who have not studied Islam or understood it, or have looked at it with Biblical lens, they usually complain about it being stuck in the 7th century. Islams are utterly wrong it is actually stuck with human nature. Islam provides guidance, while keeping human nature in view, in terms of the principles, values to live by so that individuals and societies can excel in this world. As the human nature has always been the same. It does not change, Islamic guidance is also permanent and unchanging. All the desires, emotions, feelings, attitudes, greed, that make people do bad things with all sentiments and tendencies that make people do good are as true today as they were for first human couple, will remain the same until the end of the world. That is why Islam is always same from first human couple to last messenger of Allaah. 

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Aabid Abdella