The Globally known Bible Verse

The Globally known Bible Verse

Religion is a facet in any working society, whose major contribution is to maintain the citizens’ moral conduct, belief, and some times spiritual assistance. It has a pretty long history and every known civilization has been known to practice a type of religion. Historically, religion made a massive contribution to the development of man as a being, and with the thousands of years gone it still holds a really important spot in our society. There are hundreds of known religions that are being practiced all around the globe. One of the most popular of these faiths that are being practiced worldwide is Christianity. There is arguably a Christian in every country on earth, this shows how widely spread the belief is.

Christianity like most other religions has

Christianity like most other religions has a holy book that usually contains the doctrine to be followed by the believers of this faith. The holy book of Christians is popularly known as the Holy Bible. This book contains numerous beautiful verses that hold deep and weighty meanings. The most popular and most quoted of these verses is the one present in the book of John the disciple; John 3:16. It reads like this; “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life”. The verse has great fame amongst believers and nonbelievers because it is like a summary of what the religion is about.

The Globally known Bible Verse

John 3:16 is also the go-to verse for soul winners for Christ, so even if you eventually did not become a believer there is still a high probability that you will come across it. The verse describes the sacrificial love of God for his creations and showed the length he would go to save us. It painted what Christianity is all about which is love and it gave what man has to do to attain eternal life; believe. The verse is a perfect summary of what the whole religion is about, all put in a sentence. This makes it easier to spread the message of love to nonbelievers who like every human has a really short attention span. John 3:16 has become a symbol, a set of words and numbers that holds a strong meaning in our society.

There are other great biblical verses but none comes close to this verse in terms of depth, meaning, and general understanding. This makes it the most universally understood bible verse.

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