Themes in the Book of Genesis

Themes in the Book of Genesis

A theme is a subject or a recurring idea of a discussion, conversation, piece of writing. The book of Genesis brings out several themes in its context. God is the supreme creator, he created all living and nonliving things from a void earth. He made the day, night, sky, heavenly bodies, vegetation, animals on land and sea creatures all in a systematic order. The Lord also made man in his resemblance and created the woman out of the man’s rib. God placed them in a garden, provided all their needs and gave them authority over the garden.

Love is also a recurring idea

Love is also a recurring idea in Genesis e.g. Rebekah and God. Jacob was given Leah, Laban’s eldest daughter after working for seven years to get Rachel, Leah’s sister, but he still worked for additional seven years to get the woman he loved. Rebekah, Isaac’s wife, mother to Esau and Jacob extremely loved the latter. She helped him take the blessing which was rightfully Esau’s, Rebekah prepared the food that he would take to Isaac to receive blessings and disguised him as Esau. She gave Jacob, Esau’s clothes and gave him goat skin to cover himself since Esau was known to be hairy. Rebekah saved him since Esau wanted to take revenge for stealing his blessings, she told him to work for Laban and hide there. Moreover, she would be the one to alert him to return home when Esau ceased his anger.

God's love for human beings is

God’s love for human beings is evident, he created them in his image, likeness and provided for them. Despite sinning against the Almighty, and eating the forbidden fruit, the Lord clothed them. He did not allow Abram to sacrifice his son, but provided him with a ram. The Lord saved Noah and his family, during the floods since he had been righteous, and faithful to him. When Joseph was sent to prison after being accused of insulting potiphar’s wife, Yahweh protected him by giving him favor within the prison’s keeper.

Themes in the Book of Genesis

Faith runs through Genesis as portrayed by Abraham, he always placed his belief in God. Abraham accepted Yahweh’s call to sacrifice his only son Isaac, and had gone with him upon the place of sacrifice, but he was provided with a ram to sacrifice. He agreed to move from his hometown, Haran to an unknown land trusting that God will guide him all through and took his wife, Sarah, his nephew Lot, possessions and servants and proceeded to Canaan without a second thought. When Yahweh promised to give him a son, he believed though he and Sarah were of old age and it was delivered when they bore Isaac. As a great follower of God’s commandments, Abraham agreed to undergo circumcision at an old age.

Judgement and punishment is a major theme in Genesis, Yahweh punished the people who had sinned against him during the time of Noah by destroying them with floods. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, he passed his retribution upon them. The woman has to endure pain during childbirth and there is enmity between her, and the snake, it will bite her heel, and she will hit it on the head. Mankind would have to work hard to earn his providence, the snake will crawl on its belly and eat dust. The Almighty punished Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins, they indulged in immoral sexual behavior. They were proud and did not care for the needy therefore, the Lord brought upon eternal fire to consume them. Shechem and his kinsmen were punished for he defiled Dinah, there were circumcised and later killed.

In addition to, family relations is a main theme in Genesis, Abraham married Sarah who bore him Isaac. He married Keturah, had six sons with her and had Ishmael with Haggai too. Rebekah was Laban’s sister and her son, Jacob married Laban’s daughters, Rachel and Leah. Noah had three sons, shem, ham and Japheth who each had wives and children. Joseph forgave his brothers and welcomed them to Egypt from Canaan when they came to seek for greener pastures. His brothers had despised him before and sold him to Egypt. Abraham took care of Lot his brother’s son, Haran who had died and Esau sold his birthright to his brother, Jacob.

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