Why Islam Is Against Art

Why Islam Is Against Art

Islam has been against arts with images of humans and other animals in them. The main reason why they are against this is because when a portrait of a creation made by Allah is made, it imitates Him. This is a great sin since you will be required to give an account during the day of reckoning by giving life to the art you created, failure to which punishment will be given.

Islamic religion is also against art

Islamic religion is also against art because such pictures are a sign of Idolatry since other religions create statues and sculptures which are worshiped. People who practice Islam only worship a God who is unseen and their God is against worship of Idols, so they tend to keep away from such.

Why Islam Is Against Art

Muslims believe that Allah sends his angelic host to bring to a house. You should be careful and make sure your house is free from images of creatures made by Allah because the messenger will not visit such a place filled by such drawings. Islam only encourages figurative arts which are normally seen in the design of mosques. Figurative painting is encouraged since it only beautifies a place. When expressing yourself through art, exclude the head for the image to be a representation of a being.

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Aabid Abdella